Through these appointments, a complete medical history is taken through a health interview in the initial appointment to establish the diagnoses and assessment. Following this, relevant physical examinations are performed and lab diagnostics are discussed and requisitioned as necessary.

Then, we focus on your specific health goals. 

A treatment program is created for you, including treatments from the modalities listed on the right. This program's follow up schedule is depends on what you decide upon together. 

Fee Schedule


Initial Naturopathic Appointment

60-120 minutes 
60 minutes

This includes complete case-taking, physical examinations and complete treatment plan around your health goals.


90 Minutes

This includes complete case-taking, physical examinations and complete treatment plan around your health goals for more complex health conditions.


2 Hours

This includes the above as well as a constitutional homeopathy remedy prescription and/or complete acupuncture treatment.

*pre-screening to make sure there is a good fit with a free 15-minute consult is highly recommended before booking this appointment.



Naturopathic Follow-up 60 minutes


Naturopathic Follow-up 45 minutes


Naturopathic Follow-up 30 minutes


Acupuncture-only 25 minutes

For existing patients only who have been recommended acupuncture treatments in a one-on-one setting. 



Follow-ups 15 minutes

Acute visits for single complaint only, to receive doctor's note or to review lab testing results and homeopathic dosing/points of clarification on refills and prescriptions. 


Get Community Acupuncture

These acupuncture treatments are individual occurring in a GROUP space. Practitioner will diagnose and assess and then put the needles in. 

Initial treatments: $60

Follow up - 30 minutes total: $30

Online video or phone consultations are available for all appointments except Acupuncture of course. 

Naturopathic Medicine Treatment Modalities

Clinical nutrition

in the form of dietary additions or changes, and/or nutritional supplements in a way that fits your needs


Western Botanical or Herbal Medicines

in the form of dried herbs, tinctures, tablets, extracts or topicals


Physical Medicine

Exercises, the use of in-house machines (electrostimulation, TENS, IFC, cold laser and Ultrasound), soft-tissue work, body work, joint adjustments/manipulations and home treatments as necessary. 


Traditional Chinese Medicine

acupuncture and dietary suggestions


Lifestyle and Mind-Body Counselling

relaxation and breathing exercises for expanding motivation and working through past trauma and physical manifestations of stress and anxiety 

Homeopathic Medicine

prescriptions based on constitution from the classical tradition in the form of pellets or drops.

A Note About Insurance

All services are performed under Dr. Julie Hwang, licensed Naturopathic Doctor in the province of Ontario. Services are covered by many private insurance plans. We also provide a direct billing service which is also available for some providers. Patients are responsible for their visit payments and agree to follow up with their own insurance companies for compensation.

Interested In Business Consultations?

For health care providers and an entrepreneurs who are seeking business coaching advice one-on-one. 


Find out where your project is at and

by booking an Initial 30 minute Business Consult. Get a feel for whether or not working together one-on-one will be a good fit. 

30 minute Initial Coaching Session



Book one-on-one coaching sessions and consults to get tailored tips towards your project's vision. 

60 minute coaching sessions


Package: 3 x 60-minute coaching sessions


30 minute coaching sessions



Co-work and share ideas at Dr. Julie's in-person "Biz Development" events at Aurum Medicine & Wellness Clinic in Toronto.  

All prices in Canadian Dollars.

Online video or phone consultations. 

Any lab work that we requisition is priced based on the test. There are basic labs available through LifeLabs, and other tests such as food sensitivity/allergy testing and hormone testing available as well.


All testing are discussed based on clinical need and proposed vs. non-testing options so that you can make an informed choice. If you have more questions, feel free to bring this up at a free consult or your initial appointment for more information. 

We also welcome you to bring in or authorize us to access your blood work and test results and reports from your primary health providers especially if taken within the last year. 

Lab Fee Schedule is available at this link here.

Payment Methods

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Cash, and same-day Interac e-transfer. 

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