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"I love business development & practice management. I am a BUSINESS OWNER entrepreneur first, provider second."

You are a practitioner who is business minded, good at promoting yourself, want to own a clinic or already do, and likely already have a lot of ideas and projects done for your practice management. Your proactive and ambitious attitude has helped you realize your dreams thus far. For us, the kinds of support we need are going to be slightly different than our colleagues. 

Work with me to keep you on track and fired up, while you structure your business' corporate model (for profit, non-profit and co-op), business development, strategic planning, operations, product development, technology & marketing tools, social media strategy, financial tips and tricks to help you build that financially sustainable business that works for you while you sleep in a completely ethical and aligned way. 

Know Thyself.

"I do business activities so that I can see my patients all day.

I am a PROVIDER first, business owner second."

You're a practitioner who was made to practice. You live for your clients and patients. Their success is your success. You enjoy the steady approach, low-risk activities, and you want to make enough to support your lifestyle in a financially sustainable manner. 

You want to be pushed in a balanced manner, and you're open to the challenge of learning new skills and tools to help you serve your patients while creating a secure, financial future for yourself.

Work with me and learn how to incorporate my favourite tools for growing a successful practice. We'll use simple activities that are authentic and feel right for you, while learning effective strategies to deliver outstanding customer service and create the experience to your clients and patients that aligns with your practice. Learn to optimize your weekly actions and time in a way that is genuine and authentic. 

Get to Know Me First!

I believe that before we work with anyone, it needs to be a good fit.

Get to know me and let's see if I can help you out. 


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I host a BiWeekly Practice Management Work Party in Toronto. 

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Biweekly Aurum Medicine Practice Management Party

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